NEED: coming soon

You may be wondering why I am starting a newsletter. After all, I already have a newsletter: Anne Underground, a TinyLetter that I send out for free, on an extremely sporadic basis, in which I mostly discuss writing, nostalgia, and my feelings.

This newsletter will not be that.

In the mid-1990s, I had a zine. It was called NEED. Desktop programs for layout existed at the time, but I didn’t have them. I typed it on my stepfather’s computer, printed it out, literally cut and pasted the segments together, and took the result to the library to photocopy for 5¢ a page. I then mailed them to my friends via the U.S. Postal Service, which charged 25¢ per stamp at the time (it went up to 29¢ right around then).

I still have a lot of my old NEED files, because my mom found a floppy disc of them and uploaded them to Google Drive for me. I mostly printed song lyrics, movie and book reviews, rants against Tom Cruise, and raves for Keanu Reeves. While I expect this paragraph to be the only time I mention Tom Cruise in this incarnation of NEED, you can definitely expect plenty of Keanu Reeves content.

My plan is to publish at least twice a month: one paid subscriber–only newsletter, and one free. I may publish more than that. The subscriber email will be something resembling a full zine, while the free one will most likely be more brief. I’m still figuring it all out.