What I'm Reading: September

I spent an unfortunate amount of time this month reading things GOP congress couldn’t be bothered to read, like the whistleblower complaint and analysis of the whistleblower complaint. I managed to sneak in a few additional things, too.


Away With The Wolves by Sarah Gailey: this is a werewolf story and it is a chronic pain story and it got me right in the feels.

Little Freedoms by Ephiny Gale: I am very sure this needs a content warning but I have no idea what for, exactly. It’s about incarcerated women competing to get out.


Liz Phair in Conversation with Rob Tannenbaum: when I lived in Chicago, I briefly dated this guy who was a musician, and he told me he’d been hired to record something with Liz Phair in the ‘90s before she was super famous. He said she was a bitch, and difficult. I am extremely confident in saying he was the difficult bitch. This interview is great: When you were a teenager, who was your “Liz Phair”? David Bowie, who changed all the time. He always was, and still is.

Has the Mystery of Skyjacker D.B. Cooper Finally Been Solved? by Gary Baum: Alas, there is no definitive conclusion, but there is strong evidence of a joint coverup by the CIA and FBI. (Yeah, The Hollywood Reporter is a trash rag, but this is interesting.)

Fleabag Scene-Stealer Sian Clifford’s Emmy Nod Was 16 Years in the Making by Meredith Blake: I love hearing/reading about women supporting and being in awe of other women. It is my favorite genre.


West Texas Hummingbird Cam: no words, just a delightful video feed of a hummingbird feeder that is visited by something like six types of hummingbirds. (By the way, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has a free bird ID app called Merlin that I use constantly. Highly recommend!)